Tommy Hafey

tommy maureen2The Tommy Hafey Club was honoured to have an Australian sporting legend in Tommy Hafey as its inaugural patron.

Tommy was the ideal role model who transferred his passion for sport into the business and education arenas where he inspired many business people and school students alike with his motivational talks.

Together with his life partner and pillar of support, Maureen, Tommy embraced the Tommy Hafey Club as he once did his “boys” at Tigerland.

From premiership coach at Richmond to premiership coach on Neighbours, Tommy continued to command attention and respect for his no nonsense approach to life, his superb physical fitness and thoughtful insights into the modern game of AFL football.

To hear Tommy talk about the Tigers and especially the theme song (which he firmly believed should be the national anthem), wass truly inspiring (watch the video below).

Having Tommy and Maureen at Tommy Hafey Club events was a wonderful endorsement of their commitment as well as the status the events have attained. To have Maureen continue her support as patron further underlines the marvellous bond with Richmond.

A Tribute To Tommy Hafey

The following is the foreword to the book, A Tribute to Tommy Hafey, produced by the Tommy Hafey Club for the “Tommy’s Life in Football” event which celebrated Tommy's life in football at a Tommy Hafey Club event attended by over 500 people at the Grand Hyatt in August 2005.

tommy1“Tommy Hafey you are a legend”. What an accolade! But when so many use such simple but awe inspiring words to describe another, one knows immediately we are dealing with a very special person.

Thomas Stanley Raymond Hafey was born in Richmond on 5th August 1931. He grew up in East Malvern where he attended Lloyd Street Central School, then Melbourne High School, and went on to play football for the East Malvern Football Club.

A school-mate and life friend describes Tommy as some-one who could do everything – “a terrific footballer, the best drop kick going around but above all, he was a wise kid”.

From his earliest days Tommy was into physical fitness. He’s never smoked nor drank, notwithstanding strenuous efforts and temptations along the way. As one of the Shepparton boys recalls, “all the premierships we won ... and we couldn’t get a beer into you”.

From very early on Tommy was “not just a wise kid but someone you would listen to” and who could exert a positive influence on others lives.

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Top 10 Facts About Tommy Hafey

1   Tommy coached four AFL clubs: Richmond, Collingwood, Geelong and Sydney

2   Tommy is one of only a select group to have coached over 500 VFL/AFL games

3   Ten VFL teams coached by Tommy have made Grand Finals, resulting in four premierships (Richmond) and a drawn Grand Final

4   In his first year as coach of Collingwood, Tommy lifted the club from the bottom of the competition to tie in the Grand Final the following year

5   During three  years with Sydney Swans, Tommy took the club from the bottom to second twice with a 75% win record

6   Tommy was undefeated as coach of the Victorian State Team

7   Tommy coached NSW and Queensland in successful football carnivals

8   Tommy participated in around the ground reporting with ABC (3LO) and Sport 927

9   Twenty players coached by Tommy have become AFL coaches

10   Only once in 22 years of coaching VFL/AFL football did a Hafey coached team finish lower than 7th

Hafey's Comet

A tribute to Tommy Hafey - Written and performed by Chris Driscoll.